theoretically "Re: an introduction, of sorts" but really lots of things

jenwa jhsung at MIT.EDU
Thu Dec 16 15:02:34 EST 1999

>	I've heard a lot about MIT hacks - have you guys done any?  Or do
>you have to wait until you have safely graduated before you can claim

ah, i'm not personally a hacker, though many of the people i live with and such
are.  as for talking about it... it's a "use common sense" issue, really...
no hard and fast rules [the MIT administration is generally amusedly tolerant of
hacking], but caution is an inherent part of it, so...

>'scuse please.  What is this 100-question purity test of which you 

enjoy.  :)


re: U2 as neighbors: unfair!!  *jealousy*
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