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>Plink - I've got an idea from this - only if all would
>enjoy o' course - 
>   Suddenly, our pathetic splinter world is merged into its proper
>place in a magic using world.  You find you now have magic.  What shape does
>your gift take and what's it good for - or at least, how do you use it?

>if that proves fun, we could do - how does the world being imbued with magic
>change things - and how does the change manifest....

        Yes and yes!

>   See, Hallie has already thought out some implications:
>>  " We may have to put up with a few worlds ruled by dreary bush
>>goddesses and the like as well, so maybe we should all be very, very careful
>>not to disagree with Melissa unduly.  And given 1), it's always unduly.
>>"Of course, maybe Melissa could get us out of this by saying that
>>she never
>>really meant 2), but said it to make the rest of us feel better?  I don't
>>think this would violate 1), as long as Melissa said it.  But I'm not
>>At all.  Melissa?"
>   If Melissa said something to make us feel better, she would be Right
>to do so, by definition.

>ah, you make me laugh during this drudging workday - thanks!


<thinks> "dreary bush goddesses..." <goes into fits of laughter>
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