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McMullin, Elise emcmullin at
Thu Dec 16 12:02:54 EST 1999

	Hallie shared her concerns:
	"If this should occur, I haven't yet worked out whether the list
will cease
> to exist, we will all cease to exist, or, indeed whether our whole world
> will cease to exist."
	lol!  I vote we merge into another world where magic exists - but
you are ahead of me there:

>   "Of course, there may be other worlds in which Melissa
> is always wrong (shudder),"
Can one be right all the time in every world?

	"or possibly, and more happily, magic will exist
> everywhere, we all get to be magids, witches, or, my own personal
> favourite, have gifts like Sophie's.  (I've always, always wanted a Mrs.
> Penstemmon to say "I must say, I like your gift" to me.)"
	High praise! Plink - I've got an idea from this - only if all would
enjoy o' course - 
	Suddenly, our pathetic splinter world is merged into its proper
place in a magic using world.  You find you now have magic.  What shape does
your gift take and what's it good for - or at least, how do you use it?  And
if that proves fun, we could do - how does the world being imbued with magic
change things - and how does the change manifest....

	See, Hallie has already thought out some implications:

	" We may have to put up with a few worlds ruled by dreary bush
goddesses and the like as well, so maybe we should all be very, very careful
not to disagree with Melissa unduly.  And given 1), it's always unduly.
(You will remember, I did say on Dahl that I would never have started that
had I known it would be Melissa to disagree with me!)"


	"Of course, maybe Melissa could get us out of this by saying that
she never
> really meant 2), but said it to make the rest of us feel better?  I don't
> think this would violate 1), as long as Melissa said it.  But I'm not
> sure.
> At all.  Melissa?"
	If Melissa said something to make us feel better, she would be Right
to do so, by definition.

	ah, you make me laugh during this drudging workday - thanks!

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