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<< My fiancee is looking for a pair of books by the same author she read 
when she was 12 which sound tantalizingly familiar, but which I can't place:

I don't know about the second of those books, but the first is The Satanic 
Mill by Ot(something) Pruessler(?) (some german name).

Aha, I see that others already answered this.

I think apart from three of the true game books (the Jinian trilogy) the only 
other fantasy of Teper's I've read was an early one called Marianne, the 
Magician and the Manticore (the three were not necessarily in that order). It 
was all right, not so compelling that I ever felt myself called to read any 
of her more recent ones. I do enjoy one of her mystery serieses, though. (She 
has two. One under B.J. Oliphant, the other as A. E. Orde.)
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