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>>Paul said:
>>  "Although sometimes I think the True Game books have dropped off the
>> face of the earth, or there's some conspiracy to stop Tepper readers
>> learning about them...
>> ...oh, excuse me. One of my pet gripes appears to have slipped its
>> leash. :)"
>Elise replied:
>   Wait! I don't want to unduly raise your expectations but I *believe*
>I saw all of them collected in omnibus form (maybe, I think) on the shelves
>of the local book megastore recently - I will check.

        See what a sick sense of humor gets you!  I thought at first you'd 
found the gripes and I was going to ask if you'd happened to see mine lying 
around too!

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hallieod at writes:

>If 1) Melissa is always
>right (and we have all accepted this), and 2) Melissa has clearly stated
>that other people's opinions (about books anyway) are as good as Melissa's,
>even if those other people do not have a degree in English, we may be
>headed for trouble.  If 1) holds, than 2) *must* be true, and if we have a
>situation where one of us is rash enough to disagree with Melissa...
>then we have a system in which two sets of truths cannot co-exist.  As, of
>course, in F & H and Witch Week.
>If this should occur, I haven't yet worked out whether the list will cease
>to exist, we will all cease to exist, or, indeed whether our whole world
>will cease to exist.  Of course, there may be other worlds in which Melissa
>is always wrong (shudder)

        <anxiously> I don't want to live in a world where Melissa is not 
Always Right....

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