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>And the True Game books are different from her
>pessimistic style.

        I forgot about these! I like these! 
>Is there anyone else here who is a sucker for books that
>match?  Before my collection got too big I used to shelve them by cover
>rather than by author :)

        <laughing> when I first started buying books (about age 7, I suppose, 
though not with my own money then of course) I could happily spend hours 
arranging the books in this way!  They looked really nice also, with large 
ones on the left sort of tapering down.  (sometimes large ones on the right 
for a bit of variety.)  I still try and do that within the author blocks.  (I 
have also been known to shred a paper napkin in the course of a conversation 
without realizing, and then suddenly notice this extremely tidy pile of 
shreds in the middle of the table--I'm not sure what precisely that says 
about me, but it can't be good!)

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Jacob at writes:
>>>Did you used to read under the bedclothes with a flashlight too? 
>>(yup, I'd read by candle light sometimes).
>        But not under the bedclothes I hope!  <picturing tragic scenario a 
>Jane Eyre>
 Nope.  I used those to stuff under the door so no light would show . . .

        Aha!  more Tips I Wish I'd Known Back Then.

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