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Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Thu Dec 16 09:54:27 EST 1999

Max wrote, and Melissa replied:
>>        Well, that makes *me* feel chuffed because Melissa Is Always Right!
>Well, I'm glad to see that SOMEONE is paying attention.  I hate having to
>repeat myself.  :)

I'm starting to become a touch worried about this.  If 1) Melissa is always
right (and we have all accepted this), and 2) Melissa has clearly stated
that other people's opinions (about books anyway) are as good as Melissa's,
even if those other people do not have a degree in English, we may be
headed for trouble.  If 1) holds, than 2) *must* be true, and if we have a
situation where one of us is rash enough to disagree with Melissa, and
his/her opinion is NOT as good as Melissa's (quite probable, of course)
then we have a system in which two sets of truths cannot co-exist.  As, of
course, in F & H and Witch Week.

If this should occur, I haven't yet worked out whether the list will cease
to exist, we will all cease to exist, or, indeed whether our whole world
will cease to exist.  Of course, there may be other worlds in which Melissa
is always wrong (shudder), or possibly, and more happily, magic will exist
everywhere, we all get to be magids, witches, or, my own personal
favourite, have gifts like Sophie's.  (I've always, always wanted a Mrs.
Penstemmon to say "I must say, I like your gift" to me.)  We may have to
put up with a few worlds ruled by dreary bush goddesses and the like as
well, so maybe we should all be very, very careful not to disagree with
Melissa unduly.  And given 1), it's always unduly.  (You will remember, I
did say on Dahl that I would never have started that had I known it would
be Melissa to disagree with me!)

Of course, maybe Melissa could get us out of this by saying that she never
really meant 2), but said it to make the rest of us feel better?  I don't
think this would violate 1), as long as Melissa said it.  But I'm not sure.
At all.  Melissa?

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