Sheri Tepper, F&H (very mild spoiler)

McMullin, Elise emcmullin at
Thu Dec 16 10:14:14 EST 1999

Irina said:
> >I once didn't get a job because I couldn't even get to the interview;
> >they were explaining on the phone how to get there ("you turn off the
> >A1 there, and at the traffic lights...") and I said "hey, wait a
> >minute, how do I get there by public transport?" and they didn't want
> >me any more.
Max replied:
>        "Feh!  Their loss!"
	I can't even describe my job interview experiences - 98% weird and
odd.  In one they let me speak to my prospective coworkers.  As soon as the
door closed, all of them said at once "Don't work here! It's awful! Run!
Flee!!"  In another the interviewer talked all about herself.  I assumed
human resources people sometimes have to keep interviewing to justify their
own jobs even if they don't have any reason to hire someone.  In another
they told me they only wanted to hire people who could live with their
parents (because they didn't intend to pay a living wage) - that was
publishing.  Anyway this barely has anything to do with anything, but I felt
very relieved when I read dwj's autobio and she said she proved apparently
unemployable after university.  It's nice to know someone you admire has
been on a dreadful job search too.

	Uh, carry on  ;)

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