Georgette Heyer's missing books

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> > Some university press or other (USA, I think) reprinted these in the
> > middle-late '70s after GH died. I remember red bindings with black 
> >  The missing books consist of;
> > Great Roxhythe--historical fiction
> > Footsteps in the Dark--Heyer's first mystery/gothic/whatever
> > Instead of the Thorn--modern romance (modern being 1920s, this one was a
> > strong enough story to be worth reprinting now)
> > Barren Corn--modern romance (and boy was this one ever corny)
> > Helen-- reputed to be modern romance (never encountyered it myself)
> > Pastel--ditto
>Many thanks.  I'll take the list to a bookshop ASAP.  American copyright 
>strange at that date - you had to publish _in the USA_ to gain any 
>protection at
>all - so that could explain how this could have happened there but not 

I've just had a look on the bookdata on my computer at Heffers and there are 
only the usual ones in print and it doesn't even list any of the above (not 
that it's 100% perfect but it is usually pretty good - it lists out of print 
books as well).

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