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Thu Dec 16 06:52:36 EST 1999

Elise wrote:
>And in a nod to other cat tales, Reilly, Ace of Spies, is also a
>tuxedo kitty, dapper in his black and whites - thus his name - also for his
>lurking and pouncing. But mainly because he hides under the futon, no mean

Best hiding place I've ever found a cat in (after over 10 hours searching 
when we first brought her home): on a bookshelf, in the gap between the 
backs of the books and the wall. And there were DWJ books on the shelf so 
this is, in fact, on topic.

Max replied:
> >(scary thing is most of the Americans on this list probably *haven't* 
> >of her, despite her being one of the most prolific writers in the world.)
>>And <delicate cough> could this be a good thing?

Well, what can you expect of an author who wrote books at the rate of 
several a week? There were several of them I enjoyed immensely at some 
point. But now I shudder to think about them. I guess she has the same sort 
of appeal as a cautionary Barney would: warm and fuzzy and simple and stupid 
and full of things that all little girls and boys love providing they are 
well behaved.

For those of you who *don't* know who Enid Blyton is, here is a typical 
story I remember: There was a little girl who was a compulsive scribbler, 
and used to scribble on walls and papers. And one day she was attacked by 
tiny invisible hands pinching and slapping her. Turns out she was writing 
some very rude things in fairy language and upsetting the fairies. As soon 
as a precious brownie explained this to her, she apologised and never 
scribbled again and they all lived happily ever after.

Amanda wrote:
> >The Wizard of Oz which I'm directing this week...

Aha, pet craze of mine, as both Oz-nut and drama-nut. I once wrote a paper 
on stage adaptations of WoOz. Is this movie based, book based, based on the 
early 1900's stage play, or some new and wild adaptation? I'm curious too.

Have any of you ever read one of the plays DWJ is supposed to have written?

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