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Nat Case asked about an author:

>book 1 involves a sorcerer who turns his school of apprentices into a flock
>of ravens, in order to hide one of them who is being claimed by his true
>love, who succeeds in finding him by "power of true love."

This sounds very much like the wonderful German author called Ottfried
Preussler (I am almost certain of this number of tts and sss in the
spelling, ha ha).

If I am right, your first book is the one which was called "Krabat" in
Danish after the eponymous hero, and may have been called "The Satanic
Mill" or something like that in English.  It is the longest and darkest
Preussler book I know of, a delicious and spooky story of redemption from a
satanic apprenticeship which was almost too scary with for me as a child
but still worth reading again and again.

>book 2 is a selkie story--male selkie seduces the narrator's sister and
>almost gets to take her away. Set in the Orkneys or Shetlands, we think.

Hmm, nooo, this does not sound familiar, but Preussler has written a lot of
books with folklore motifs that I have not (yet) read. Among those I
remember reading with pleasure is a lovely version of the Russian folktale
about Vanja the Strong, and the sweetest fantasy story for younger children
called "The Little Witch" (in the Danish translation).

Hope this helps.  :-)

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