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>>(oh, I forgot about the guy who killed himself because we
>> played "Amplifier" by the dB's)"
>   Oh yikes, are you kidding?

        I'm kidding!  Saturday nights were party night, but the parties ended 
around 2am so sometimes people would tune in before heading back to their 
respective campuses; and this one time these guys called up (we didn't get 
many calls either, which may have been just as well because we too knew what 
it was to be

>> Drunk with the power of broadcasting the music of my choice
>> out to, say, 10 or 15 square miles of rural mid-Ohio.  10 or 15 square 
>> of die hard classic rock and country fans, but I never let the odds
>> interfere with my noble destiny.     !!) <still laughing myself sick>

these guys called up and asked us to play anything and dedicate it to their 
friend otherwise he'd kill himself.  So we played "Amplifier" by the dB's 
which starts: "Danny went home and killed himself last night..." 

(it's about a boyfriend and girlfriend breaking up, and the girlfriend 
leaving behind just his amplifier---
"an amplifier's just wood and wire,
and wire and wood don't do any good
when your heart is racing like a 'something' on fire
and all you've got to show for it's
an amplifier       )

And of course dedicated it to this poor suicidal guy.  So at the end they 
called back and said "HE JUMPED!" 

We assumed they were joking.
It wasn't on the news or anything.
But now you've got me worried.

>>parthenogenesis...still don't know what it means though,
>   Ahhh, you'll like them *even* better when I tell you it describes
>asexual reproduction - roughly, virgin birth, as it were.


>I remember the first
>time I heard that song my ears really perked up at "parthenogenesis" - if
>I'd been a cat they would have swiveled  :)  too fun.  


Speaking of lyrics....this is good site to visit if you've already got the 

it's a misheard lyrics site.

And I thought of another band I like: The The ('Uncertain Smile' and 'This is 
the Day'  from Soul Mining)-----more story songs!

>Thus we are much amused by improvised
>Wild Discovery shows and Greco-Roman cat wrestling.


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Jacob at writes:

>>Did you used to read under the bedclothes with a flashlight too? 
>(yup, I'd read by candle light sometimes).

        But not under the bedclothes I hope!  <picturing tragic scenario a la 
Jane Eyre>

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