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Wed Dec 15 18:31:56 EST 1999

In a message dated 12/15/99 7:15:59 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
Philip.Belben at pgen.com writes:
>I have been keeping out of the F&H discussions for too long.  I am at work, 
>I have a report to write, 12 other DWJ list messages to reconsider for 
>and loads more to do, but I can't stay out of this now.

        Heh heh heh!  Resistance is futile!

>To me, F&H is summed up by the maxim:
> "A curse obeys the same laws as everything else.  It contains the seeds of 
>own decay."
>For example, because Tom had been cursed to have things he made up come 
true, >he
>and Polly were able to make up a "nowhere" where the curse(s) didn't apply

        But of COURSE!!!  This fits everything about DWJ. Yahoo!  Now I will 
be happy at the end of F&H.

>(I had a more detailed analysis but I never wrote it down...)

        Please do so forthwith!

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abhillel at hotmail.com writes:

>He would jump 
>up on her lap and start eating out of her dinnerplate, and she would try to 
>guilt-trip him down, figuring if it worked on us it ought to work on him. 
>(Polish accent: "Froike'le, why are you doing this to me?")


>"Delicatessen" and "City of Lost Children". Same feel, same aesthetics, 
>happy endings. and in French, but don't let that stop you.

        Ah yesss, more movies for my must see list!  Thank you!

>That's what I wanted to post and forget - that there's something very cat 
>about Calcifer, don't you think?

        You're right!

>>(does EB count as former guilty pleasures?)
>Yes. Moreso "Secret Seven" or "Noddy" than "The Enchanted Tree". Not that I 
>have ever read any of these books or god forbid enjoyed them, no, not I, of 
>the fine literary tastes, I've never even heard of Enid Blyton. Enid who?


>(scary thing is most of the Americans on this list probably *haven't* heard 
>of her, despite her being one of the most prolific writers in the world.)

        And <delicate cough> could this be a good thing?

Oh, more Guilty Pleasures (# 7 in the series):

        Dick Francis, the soundtrack to Saturday Night Fever.

In a message dated 12/15/99 8:16:50 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
geminii at dial.pipex.com writes:

>The Wizard of Oz which I'm directing this week, and a film which I'm 
directing next year but am storyboarding at the moment

        Ooh, tell us more!

ps this last e-mail came with an attached file, is it safe to download it?:

>File: Unknown (3141 byte)
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