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>And remind me of a set of puffin Narnia 
>chronicles that used to belong to my mother. I know I'm recalling and old 
>thread, but I just realised that I also have strong preferences for certain 

        Pauline Baynes!  I love those covers, they're beautiful.

>>  Don't forget - Keeper of the Hidden Theorem, also known as the Proof
>>of Doom.  The great math-phobic masses remain blissfully unaware of the
>>depraved, writhing, non-Euclidian chthonic chaos which would inundate the
>>world like seething viscous acid but for the adamant will of one lone
>>figure, steadfastly holding back unimaginably nightmarish forces and
>>allowing us to tuck up safe and placid in our beds at night.

Oh, that's YOU! Thanks!


>events in the lives of my cats include Jenny (male, part Angora, 13 yrs. 
>old, huge, so beautiful he stops traffic) coming home recently with a brand 
>new collar that seems to have been a gift from a secret admirer

        How do they DO that?  I should like to see Mark's face if *I* came 
home with say a diamond necklace (actually, no I shouldn't)  Cats never have 
to explain anything!

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