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>Big, happy sigh!  Between this and making a point Melissa said she'd have
>to go think about, I am feeling very chuffed indeed!

        Well, that makes *me* feel chuffed because Melissa Is Always Right!  

(tee hee. That'll teach you to pay me compliments)


>It was that Polly and Tom were setting out into the Nowhere which was the
>void that lay before you when you were doing something no one has ever done
>before, and that sounded a much lonelier prospect than a moving castle with
>a nice warm fire demon.

        <sigh of pleasure> You have such a way with words!
>dare I make this confession? I haven't
>actually been able to bring myself to read _Homeward Bounders_.  I AM duly
>ashamed, but I know the last line, and know I'll be completely and utterly
>unable to cope.

        "Silver Metal Lover" by Tanith Lee (plug plug!) makes me cry 
everytime.  Buckets.  So does "Brief Encounter" (movie)

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