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Wed Dec 15 17:36:40 EST 1999

> > 
> > 	"I still haven't dared return to "Gibbon's Decline and Fall", my
> > > sense of disaster happening was so great."
> > > 
> > 	I finished this one and can at least encourage you that 
> > it won't be
> > past bearing.  
Kylie said:
> I was very dissatisfied with the choices presented at the end of that
> book!
> I didn't find any of them acceptable!
Me too. I am wondering about that anew because of this topic.  Were we
supposed to know or deduce which one she would pick?  Wasn't clear to me at

> That one Tepper (drat which was it?) where the 
> > woman who
> > doesn't fit in to her society sacrifices herself to become a 
> > new life form -
> > what was it argh? - that one I don't think I really got over. 
> >  But it had
> > lots of new ideas in it and a very new perspective.
> > 
> _Grass_?
It might have been, but for some reason it is in my mind that it was on
another planet than Grass and that the book was written after the other as a
companion novel.  Aiee, the horror of vagueness!  You know, I think I do
want to read that recent one about the ocean planet where the women are
immured or something, has anyone?

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