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<< This leaves some 4 or 5 books that have never been reprinted, the most 
famous of
these being "The Great Roxhythe". >>

Some university press or other (USA, I think) reprinted these in the 
middle-late '70s after GH died. I remember red bindings with black lettering. 
 The missing books consist of;
Great Roxhythe--historical fiction
Footsteps in the Dark--Heyer's first mystery/gothic/whatever
Instead of the Thorn--modern romance (modern being 1920s, this one was a 
strong enough story to be worth reprinting now)
Barren Corn--modern romance (and boy was this one ever corny)
Helen-- reputed to be modern romance (never encountyered it myself)

Simon the Coldheart was in print pretty much all along, being a tie-in for 
Beauvalet. It was My Lord John (an unfinished work) which was published 
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