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Wed Dec 15 17:11:46 EST 1999

> > 
> Irina replied:
> > I couldn't even finish it. It gave me nightmares (and still makes me
> > shudder when I think about it). It was the first Sheri 
> Tepper I read,
> > and I've never dared try another. Is the rest less pessimistic and
> > nauseating?
> > 
> No, it's all like that.  She's an Angry Writer!  I still 
> cringe when I think
> of certain things in the Awakeners.  I haven't re-read 
> anything of hers, but
> I figure I'll eventually get around to reading most of them 
> at least once.
> Just have to be in the mood.

I wouldn't say _all_.  I thought _Raising the Stones_ (my favourite) was
quite optimistic.  And the True Game books are different from her
pessimistic style.

Generally I like her books.  She's one of the few authors that I will by
paperbacks new instead of waiting for them to come out secondhand.  Though
some of that is because I have had trouble finding books by her secondhand,
and I don't want to risk it.  And part of it is because a big set of Sherri
S. Teppers in the Voyager/HarperCollins editions looks really good on the
bookshelves.  Is there anyone else here who is a sucker for books that
match?  Before my collection got too big I used to shelve them by cover
rather than by author :)

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