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On Wed, 15 Dec 1999 Philip.Belben at wrote:

> ... When GH died, her son reprinted an early book by her, "Simon the Coldheart".
> In the introduction, he said that there were "some 5 or 6 books" that GH had
> never allowed to be reprinted, but in the case of StC he thought it was
> unjustified, and here it was.
> This leaves some 4 or 5 books that have never been reprinted, the most famous of
> these being "The Great Roxhythe".  (most famous = the only one of which I know
> the title.)  These books are in my experience more difficult to obtain than
> Changeover (like, I have Changeover but have never seen any of the OOP GHs).  If
> you got rid of any of these, Heaven help you :-)

I don't think any of those were in the bunch I gave away; they were
all in the same modernish edition, and I don't remember either of
those titles (and I'm sure I would have remembered a strange name
like "Roxhythe"). In fact the only one I *do* remember is
_Cotillion_, exactly because that's a strange name as well.


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