Skiver's Guide

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Wed Dec 15 14:41:18 EST 1999

I work for a publisher as well. Truthfully. I think DWJ publishers would
prefer NOT to be bothered by something that noone is making money off of.
I'd keep mum and copy blithely away for whoever wants one. Actually I'd make
a copy of the book page by page and then copy the copies. It shouldn't be
too hard...But that's my two cents. 

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> Sorry, I think I was misunderstood. I'm not looking at earning much on any
> of these ideas, but at organizing a reprint in such a way as Diana and her
> publisher get their fair share. This might be as simple as a photocopy
> license, like colleges use for class reprints. Now there's a thought; is
> there someone with University connections out there who could organize
> this
> sort of thing via their institution?
> Sorry if I came on too heavily. As a map publisher, I get a little tetchy
> about "but I just want to make a bunch of copies to hand out to my
> friends"
> edging over into "Well, what's wrong with making 100 copies of your map to
> show visitors how to get to our business?..."
> Nat Case
> Hedberg Maps, Inc.
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> >Let me know if you find a solution and need a copy.
> >
> >And I had better apologize: I wanted to _spend_ money helping others get
> a
> >temporary solution to their "Skiver" hunger, not in any possible way to
> >prevent Nat Case from _earning_ money on the little book. Sorry!!!
> >
> >I had read somewhere in the archive that there were about 40-50 members
> on
> >the list sometime this summer, and I assumed there might be about 10-20
> >people who were interested - which could be a bit expensive for me to
> >handle on a one-to-one basis.
> >
> >I was not proposing that hundreds of Americans and Ozzies should
> distribute
> >numerous bootleg copies, merely that it would be possible for one US
> >citizen to receive US-stamped envelopes from a few other US citizens and
> >pass on the copy like the Archer tape.  Ah never meant no harm, 'onest!
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