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Wed Dec 15 13:06:13 EST 1999

Anita wrote:
	"I also have a lot of trouble getting past crises (and even worse,
> foreshadowed crises) in books. I need to be reassured that its worth
> getting past the "terrible thing" to finish some books. Margaret Attwood's
> "The Handmaid's Tale" was one like that, and so are many of Sherri
> Tepper's."
	Oh I know - I have a really hard time if I meet a character early on
and can tell that they are wearing the proverbial Star Trek red ensign
tunic.  I bailed on Water Music by Boyle mostly because I could tell my fave
character would bite the dust -- it would be excellent to have a Marked for
Early Demise character survive all the rest some time.  After a while one
wonders why the ensigns didn't revolt when they were asked to accompany an
away team on too many times.

	"I still haven't dared return to "Gibbon's Decline and Fall", my
> sense of disaster happening was so great."
	I finished this one and can at least encourage you that it won't be
past bearing.  That one Tepper (drat which was it?) where the woman who
doesn't fit in to her society sacrifices herself to become a new life form -
what was it argh? - that one I don't think I really got over.  But it had
lots of new ideas in it and a very new perspective.

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