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McMullin, Elise emcmullin at kl.com
Wed Dec 15 12:06:04 EST 1999

Uh, this is all doting tales of cats so be warned!

Melissa wrote:
	"She also fetches (smart cat: she likes to chase those stiff
hair-elastics or
> other things of that shape, and figured out that if she BRINGS THE THING
> BACK we will throw it repeatedly)"
	Yes! My boyfriend's cat loves those hair things (as we call 'em).  I
often have one on my wrist if I'm not using it (uh, I'm absentminded, is
why) and Reilly will come up and sniff all around my wrist, or my hair and
dab at the hair thing if he finds it there.  And until recently he was
insatiable for fetching the thing, especially if I shot it into the bathroom
where he could skitter on the tiles.  But recently the cats received a
present of small, gray, furry mice toys and now they disdain pretty much
everything else (which is a pain because they've already destroyed the mice
and they are hard-to-find toys and so we have petulant kitties who refuse to
be satisfied with their lesser, boring toys).

	And in a nod to other cat tales, Reilly, Ace of Spies, is also a
tuxedo kitty, dapper in his black and whites - thus his name - also for his
lurking and pouncing. But mainly because he hides under the futon, no mean
feat.  I laughed when Max described her James Bond cat.  And Simba is an
orange tabby who is very placid, affectionate but also most puissant - no
nervous anxiety at all and ferocious when roused (by Reilly leaping upon
him).  Simba likes to take down his prey with economy of action and gnaw at
it (we have a raffia contraption which we call the wildebeast) until he has
bits of straw all over the place.  Thus we are much amused by improvised
Wild Discovery shows and Greco-Roman cat wrestling.

	Anyway, I had hoped to talk my bf into naming them Throgmorton and
Benvenuto, but their names suit them well.

	I like all sorts of animals and hope to have a dog someday, but it
wouldn't be right to have one and not be able to attend to it enough, so
I'll wait.  It's bad enough when the cats get lonely because everyone is
out.  I didn't think I particularly liked birds but then I met a brilliant
parakeet and realized I had wronged the personalities of an entire species.

>  Elise
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