McMullin, Elise emcmullin at
Wed Dec 15 11:55:04 EST 1999

>  Max said:
	"The new wave channel plays blocks of alternating US / UK stuff,
even Cabaret Voltaire.  But no Shriekback that I've heard yet. :(  Never
mind!  I can just go listen to it on vinyl!  <gets out of rocking chair and
creaks across to the stove for a glass of warm milk before firing up that

	Don't forget to wear your shawl as you sit by the fire slurping your
gruel  :D  I'll have to check the new wave channel - I've only tried out the
drum&bass, techno & ambient stuff (tuning around is a pain on netradio, at
least for me - lots of traffic and so forth).

	"But I believe they may be our only two confirmed 
> listeners!  (oh, I forgot about the guy who killed himself because we
> played 
> "Amplifier" by the dB's)"
	Oh yikes, are you kidding?  It was such a rare day when I could be
sure someone listened and I used to droop around a bit, pining for phone
calls during my show - but in this light maybe it's just as well!
>            "yesyesyes!  saw them at UMass ever and ever so long ago, and
> they were gooood!  the only people who could get away with putting
> parthenogenesis in a song!!!  (still don't know what it means though,
> keep meaning to look it up)"
	Ahhh, you'll like them *even* better when I tell you it describes
asexual reproduction - roughly, virgin birth, as it were.  It has been ages
since my last bio class (and strangely, somehow all that knowledge has lain
fallow in my adult life - huh) so I'd have look up which life forms were our
examples of this and what were the details of the whole thing  - or put out
an appeal to any bio people out there on the list?  I remember the first
time I heard that song my ears really perked up at "parthenogenesis" - if
I'd been a cat they would have swiveled  :)  too fun.  

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