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Wed Dec 15 11:50:21 EST 1999

Nat, in response to Bodil:

> As a publisher, I'm afraid I must protest. One at a time and on a personal
> basis is like driving over the speed limit: strictly speaking against the
> law, but not really enforceable, and any decent publisher will look the
> other way. I think for purposes of distribution of some size, whoever will
> do the reproduction should contact the publisher and guarantee that they and
> Diana get their appropriate fees.
> I've actually been thinking about something similar for CHANGEOVER (I have a
> photocopy from an interlibrary loan, which for personal use is in fact
> legal), and am interested in organizing a limited SKIVER'S GUIDE reprint.
> Nat Case
> Hedberg Maps, Inc.
> ----------
>>> I get the impression there are quite a number of list members
>>> in the US and
>>> Down Under. If many of you people want a copy, my bank might
>>> end up hating
>>> me, and to avoid that, we may possibly need to organise local
>>> centres of
>>> distribution in those countries, just like the Americans did
>>> with the tapes
>>> of Archer's Goon some months ago.
>>> It is a very slim paperback which should not be impossible to
>>> copy and send
>>> to a few people - and for that very same reason I am certain
>>> you will want
>>> to buy your own very cheap copy if it ever gets re-printed,
>>> making sure DWJ
>>> gets Hers. ;-)

Much as I'd like a copy of Skivers' Guide (I have read it before, so I know what
I'm in for, but thanks Bodil - your commentry shows me that I hardly remember
it!), I'm afraid to say I have to agree with Nat.

I think a limited edition by someone on this list with small-publishing-house
facilities (Is there anyone?) would be A Good Thing, but it _MUST_ be all above
board with all the right permissions obtained.

Along similar lines (although we didn't know how similar at the time), Irina and
I were discussing Georgette Heyer:

>> That put me off GH for years.  Started reading when I found that a
>> girl I knew (and wanted to know better) read them, and have never
>> stopped...
> I gave them all to charity when my mother died; perhaps a pity,
> because AFAIK she had a complete set. Ah well, there's so much to
> read...

AAAAAUGH!  If you mean a _really_ complete set, that is...

... When GH died, her son reprinted an early book by her, "Simon the Coldheart".
In the introduction, he said that there were "some 5 or 6 books" that GH had
never allowed to be reprinted, but in the case of StC he thought it was
unjustified, and here it was.

This leaves some 4 or 5 books that have never been reprinted, the most famous of
these being "The Great Roxhythe".  (most famous = the only one of which I know
the title.)  These books are in my experience more difficult to obtain than
Changeover (like, I have Changeover but have never seen any of the OOP GHs).  If
you got rid of any of these, Heaven help you :-)


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