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Bodil Gram bodil at
Wed Dec 15 11:26:36 EST 1999

Deborah wrote:

>One idea is to scan the book in, and put it in a
>password-protected place on line.  We could even ask dwj for her
>permission, since the book is very very out of print.  My
>suspicion, however, is that she isn't allowed to make such a
>decision--and that the publishers, who probably are, will say

Let me know if you find a solution and need a copy.

And I had better apologize: I wanted to _spend_ money helping others get a
temporary solution to their "Skiver" hunger, not in any possible way to
prevent Nat Case from _earning_ money on the little book. Sorry!!!

I had read somewhere in the archive that there were about 40-50 members on
the list sometime this summer, and I assumed there might be about 10-20
people who were interested - which could be a bit expensive for me to
handle on a one-to-one basis.

I was not proposing that hundreds of Americans and Ozzies should distribute
numerous bootleg copies, merely that it would be possible for one US
citizen to receive US-stamped envelopes from a few other US citizens and
pass on the copy like the Archer tape.  Ah never meant no harm, 'onest!

>Welcome, Bodil, and I promise I'll update the archives soon.

Thanks, Deborah, you are doing a darn good job of it and I hope you know
how much others appreciate it. People like me for instance.  :)

>have I seen you on child_lit?

*blush*   Yes, I try to keep my big mouth shut there.  I joined it 1 1/2
years ago to see if the list could recommend any good books - and help me
learn about new DWJ books too, of course, before they go out of print
again.  I have met some very nice new penpals there.

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