Newbie with Skiver's Guide

McMullin, Elise emcmullin at
Wed Dec 15 11:03:45 EST 1999

Sally gave us the inside scoop:
	"Any book you buy as a Remainder or even as a Reduced Special will
probably give the author nothing at all. The way it works in Australia is
> authors get between 5 and 10 % of the book's recommended retail price but
> if the book is sold at a reduced price (the reduction cut-off varies, but
> it's usually below cost), the author gets nothing. Oh, and sometimes that
> author gets a percentage of the "price received" instead of a percentage
> of
> the Recommended Retail Price. That's a curly one, because with the
> so-called "deep discounting" that can mean very, very little..."
	this is a bummer to hear.  Don't the rights revert to the author
after a printing or after a certain amount of time?   If they do, then maybe
we should write to dwj directly about Skiver's Guide and Changeover and
eliminate the middleman. ? 

Reminds me of that Proclaimers cd on which every song was wonderful.  Heard
an interview with the Reid brothers, who are the band, i which they said
they didn't see a penny from its success, so unfavorable was their deal.
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