theoretically "Re: an introduction, of sorts" but really lots of things

McMullin, Elise emcmullin at
Wed Dec 15 09:42:06 EST 1999

> Max asked:
> > What's a 'marathon scritcher' though?
Jenwa replied:
> "scritching" is kind of the scratching and/or massaging of another
> person's
> head...  a gesture of comfort, or affection, or friendliness...  i guess
> it's
> probably an MIT-community thing..."
	You've reminded me - I heard of scritching from old Peanuts cartoons
of the '50's.  We had several collected books of them - Charlie would walk
in to see Linus scritching Snoopy's head and would comment that Snoopy
didn't like to have his head scratched.  Whereupon, Snoopy and Linus would
look haughty and draw the distinction.  I'm sure it must still be possible
to find those little books somewhere.

	I've heard a lot about MIT hacks - have you guys done any?  Or do
you have to wait until you have safely graduated before you can claim


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