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Amanda, quoting me:

>> Anyway Dogsbody stands alone somewhat as DWJ's only animal story.  Animal
>> stories are not a genre I particularly like, but this one is really good.
>> hoping after Dark Lord (Griffins! Dragons!) that another story with a
>> protagonist will be appearing soon....
> Not true! In her anthology Hidden Turnings/Seeing is Believing (US -
> bought it for the story "Enna Hittims" which we didn't get in UK!)
> DWJ has a story "What the Cat Told Me". This is written froim the
> cat's point of view, and whilst not novel length, is definitely
> another animal story!

You're right.  Definitely another animal story.  To set the record straight, it
is not in Hidden Turnings, but in Minor Arcana.  Hidden turnings contains
stories by many authors, including Robert Westall, which might have been why you
thought of it.

D'oh! You got me here....oops!

> I'd also like to mention the name of Robert Westall here. Philip was
> talking about the sort of fiction "cat people" write, and Westall,
> another of my favourite authors, fitsvery definitely into this category.
> Lots of his fiction is about cats, and has a cat as narrator. Well worth

BTW, is there a definitive list of stories by DWJ not yet published in the UK,
and the easiest way to get hold of them?  I have never managed to read Enna
Hittims, Everard's Ride or The Hundredth Dream of Carol O'Neir - are there any
others that I should be looking for?

For that matter, anyone got a spare Skiver's Guide?


PS Isn't the US anthology called "Believing is Seeing"?

D'oh - and again! I must explain that my brain is currently divided between the Christmas production of The Wizard of Oz which I'm directing this week, and a film which I'm directing next year but am storyboarding at the moment. In fact, the surprise should not be that I managed to get the wromg anthology or the title the wrong way around, but that I managed to write at least one coherent sentence!

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