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Anita Graham amgraham at cygnus.uwa.edu.au
Wed Dec 15 07:59:26 EST 1999

>I know an interesting variation on this. Glyn Parry was to visit my
>daughter's school and I told her it was polite to have read one of his
>books beforehand. I bought her MOSH and she settled down with it.
>20 mins later, she handed it to me. 'Read it,' she said.
>I read the first 10 pp or so.
>'What does it all mean?' she asked.
>Well, I didn't know and I still don't.
>Tegan went to hear Glyn Parry do his talk and came home beaming. 'He's
>*much* better than his books!' she said...

I've met Glynn Parry too...lurking round the children's bookshelves in
Dymocks checking out the children's books (both of us). He recommended an
Elizabeth Honey book which David (9) liked, but I thought gimmicky.

He spoke recently at children's book week, and caused a minor stir by being
"obnoxious" and telling kids school is horrible and being rude about
teachers and parents (don't really recall the details, myself).

We got talking at Dymocks as we were both trying to help someone else
choose a book for a 9year old niece!

But...last week...what a shock...in the same Dymocks, same situation. A
person trying to choose a book for a 9year old girl, I started making
suggestions and the Dymocks assistant was *very* knowledgeable about
children's books. She and I didn't agree on everything, but she made
intelligent comments on my suggestions of DWJ and Joan Aiken and L.M.
Montgomery etc etc. And she came up with some great recommendations of her
own. I was totally impressed! BTW, at the same time, I bought a book
(ostensibly for my own 9yo, for Christmas) by a writer called Odo Hirsch.
The books look great and there are at least two more....If the first one
turns out well, I'll let you all know!


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