F&H (was: Re: introduction for the third time, if this doesn't work I give up!)

Philip.Belben at pgen.com Philip.Belben at pgen.com
Wed Dec 15 07:08:50 EST 1999

Hallie, quoting I can't remember whom:

> For me,
>>the empowering optimistic part came in her not turning into Ivy or Reg,
>>especially Ivy.  Which happens a lot in real life I think.  I felt like that
>>was as much a curse Polly broke as the one on Tom that she broke; a sort of
>>family curse or something.
> I really, REALLY like that way of putting it!

I have been keeping out of the F&H discussions for too long.  I am at work, and
I have a report to write, 12 other DWJ list messages to reconsider for replies,
and loads more to do, but I can't stay out of this now.

To me, F&H is summed up by the maxim:

"A curse obeys the same laws as everything else.  It contains the seeds of its
own decay."

For example, because Tom had been cursed to have things he made up come true, he
and Polly were able to make up a "nowhere" where the curse(s) didn't apply (I
had a more detailed analysis but I never wrote it down...)


PS in case you haven't twigged, the quote above is from Power of Three.

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