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>From: "Sally Odgers" <sodgers at hotnet.net.au>
>Subject: Re: To Gili
>Sorry to send this to the list - it bounced when I tried to send privately.

But it arrived after all and I replied in person at length - hope that 
reached you? But for all who are curious: hard G, rhymes with "really", not 
with "silly". And it means "my joy".

Re: "people dressed up as animals"
Worst example of this I ever read was one of the Brian Jaques "Redwall" 
books. Rubbed me completely the wrong way.

Philip Re George MacDonald: I also had the puffin editions and agree that 
they were absolutely gorgeous. And remind me of a set of puffin Narnia 
chronicles that used to belong to my mother. I know I'm recalling and old 
thread, but I just realised that I also have strong preferences for certain 
covers. The copy of "Power of Three" that I lent to someone who never 
returned it and left the country was beautiful and appealing: I think it 
showed Gair looking over his shoulder, scared - I just remember feeling it 
was just right. Wheareas the copy I have now, which I will love and cherish 
forever because it was a gift from DWJ herself, autographed, in response to 
a fan letter I wrote her - has a dissapointing cover. Black. Green Dorig 
Eyes. Too slick.

Philip: >PS it occurs to me I probably post too much.  Feel free to tell me 
if this is
>the case.  Yes, really!

I did not mean to imply this! I was merely joking that I seemed to be 
replying to you all the time.

>	Don't forget - Keeper of the Hidden Theorem, also known as the Proof
>of Doom.  The great math-phobic masses remain blissfully unaware of the
>depraved, writhing, non-Euclidian chthonic chaos which would inundate the
>world like seething viscous acid but for the adamant will of one lone
>figure, steadfastly holding back unimaginably nightmarish forces and
>allowing us to tuck up safe and placid in our beds at night.

Oh, that's YOU! Thanks!

>I always dread that writers,
>musicians, actors, will turn out to be obnoxious.  It's one of the reasons 
>seldom if ever think 'I'd like to meet so and so.'  It would be too 
>if they turned out to be a pain, and I couldn't really look at their work 
>same way again.

I know the feeling. I think this is the same kind of sentiment that kept 
someone who wrote here recently from reading too many books by the same 
author. I know I would have had a lot more respect for authors like 
Madeleine L'Engle if I had read less of their books and learned less about 
them as people - in L'Engles case, reading some of her more atrocious books 
made me sensitive to flaws in the better books, and a friend told me she 
atteneded a lecture L'Engle gave and virtually suffered through it.

Loved your cat stories, but don't get me started. I could fill pages. Recent 
events in the lives of my cats include Jenny (male, part Angora, 13 yrs. 
old, huge, so beautiful he stops traffic) coming home recently with a brand 
new collar that seems to have been a gift from a secret admirer. (He is 
infamous for manipulating a whole possey of female workers in an office that 
used to be next doors to us into buying catfood for him, despite being very 
generously fed at home).

Yeah, I guess I have to admit to being a cat person, even though I like dogs 

Elise again:
>>	"Also love..."Cold Comfort Farm by Stella Gibbons"
>Anyway, now we all go around saying "I saw something Nasty in the
>woodshed" and "Nothing like a moppet for the clettering."

How about: "Well there ain't no BOOTTER in 'ELL!"
Or the classic: "There's always been Starkadders at Cold Comfort Farm..."

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