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Wed Dec 15 05:39:16 EST 1999

Max wrote:
>I think I mentioned before (long ago) that the ending made me feel sad only I
>didn't know why, and then someone (Melissa?  Elise?  Someone else?  sorry :(
>I don't have the post  ) said something wonderful about it being because they
>don't get to curl up by a nice warm fire demon (or words to that effect).

Big, happy sigh!  Between this and making a point Melissa said she'd have
to go think about, I am feeling very chuffed indeed!

As you've said such a kind thing about it, I'll even repeat what I said, as
well as I can remember (tee hee. That'll teach you to pay me compliments).
It was that Polly and Tom were setting out into the Nowhere which was the
void that lay before you when you were doing something no one has ever done
before, and that sounded a much lonelier prospect than a moving castle with
a nice warm fire demon.

 For me,
>the empowering optimistic part came in her not turning into Ivy or Reg,
>especially Ivy.  Which happens a lot in real life I think.  I felt like that
>was as much a curse Polly broke as the one on Tom that she broke; a sort of
>family curse or something.

I really, REALLY like that way of putting it!

>Alas, I am a diehard fan of the indisputably happy ending!

Me too.  To the extent that, dare I make this confession? I haven't
actually been able to bring myself to read _Homeward Bounders_.  I AM duly
ashamed, but I know the last line, and know I'll be completely and utterly
unable to cope.

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