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> I don't like her dark stuff either.  Her kids' stuff is good, and a
> few adult novels stand out like beacons for me (see earlier post).
> The darkest thing of hers I actually, actively like is probably
> _Companions on the Road_.

I'll try to get it. I like the Prince Something stories, and even
read some of them to my kids (their favourite is _Prince Amilec_).

> I have that problem too, but some of his books still make very
> enjoyable reading. I have heard it said that some of his politics
> and morality, as expressed in the books, was a parody, but for me
> the caricature is too accurate to be effective...

Then everything I think I know about American society must be a
caricature :-)

> That put me off GH for years.  Started reading when I found that a
> girl I knew (and wanted to know better) read them, and have never
> stopped...

I gave them all to charity when my mother died; perhaps a pity,
because AFAIK she had a complete set. Ah well, there's so much to

> People dressed up as animals?  If you mean human characters that
> just happen to be playing animal shapes (can't think of a better
> word) in the narrative, I agree with you. Classic example of this
> would be Kenneth Grahame (?SP), _The Wind in the Willows_. Only EH
> Shepard's illustrations (sorry, can't remember that spelling
> either) made it bearable.

Yes. It's my husband's childhood favourite, and he's promised to read
_The Dark is Rising_ when I've read it, but I can't get through it.

> [People without cars]

I once didn't get a job because I couldn't even get to the interview;
they were explaining on the phone how to get there ("you turn off the
A1 there, and at the traffic lights...") and I said "hey, wait a
minute, how do I get there by public transport?" and they didn't want
me any more. Not that the job itself needed driving, only to get
there. Well, if they're like that, I don't want to work there anyway


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