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>from the Maureen Kincaid Speller interview with DWJ, BSFA meeting 6/97,
>taken from the DWJ fanzine at:
>http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Delphi/2162/lives/interview.html :
>Question: Do you have a very optimistic world view? Your books do have a
>      happy ending one way or another.
>Well, not altogether! But I don't think that books actually reflect life. I
>think books are a
>blueprint for what life should be, and what your mind should do when you're
>working towards
>living. And it seems to me that a happy ending is essential to aim for. If
>you're going to set out
>into life or any venture and not think you can succeed, you might as well
>stop! It is very, very
>important, particularly with younger people, that you should never really
>think that life is a
>bitch. I mean everybody knows that life can be a bitch, but books,
>particularly fantasy books,
>are not about what life is, but what life should be, could be, can be, and
>the way you look
>towards what you might be doing next. It seems to me that the function of
>books like that is to
>lift you from the despair that your actual experience might well cause you.

        Ah!  Once more our beloved DWJ has hit the nail on the head!  Dontcha 
just love her???

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