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>I'm another Cold Comfort Farm fan--book and movie (the book will help you
>understand some of the movie a bit better). I force other people to watch
>the movie as well, which was my excuse to buy the video! of course, I've
>lent the book to someone (I can't remember who) who has not returned it.

        who are these shameless and immoral non-book-returning fiends?  
<quickly hiding "All Over the Map: Featuring 33 Weird and Wonderful Maps With 
Towns That Actually Exist!" that I borrowed almost a year ago from our 
neighbor and haven't returned yet>

>DWJ books are the only ones I keep track of well while lending.

        showing a nice grasp of the priorities of life!  :)

        If you like "Cold Comfort Farm" you might like "Dreamhouse" by Alison 
Habens--a sort of retelling (I'm not sure that's the right word) of "Alice in 

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