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>I think for purposes of distribution of some size, whoever will
>do the reproduction should contact the publisher and guarantee that they and
>Diana get their appropriate fees.
>I've actually been thinking about something similar for CHANGEOVER (I have a
>photocopy from an interlibrary loan, which for personal use is in fact
>legal), and am interested in organizing a limited SKIVER'S GUIDE reprint.

        Do you think if the publisher got a lot of requests they might 
reprint widely?  "Silver Metal Lover" is back in print again I think (Tanith 
Lee); and I think it might be because readers campaigned for it?  Perhaps 
since others of DWJ's titles are being reprinted, maybe they'd consider 
reissuing this.  Bodil's right----Hi, Bodil!  :)    about everyone wanting it.

In the meantime, if the publishers are agreeable, then I would love limited 
print run versions of "Skiver's Guide" and "Changeover"

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