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>>"Also love..."Cold Comfort Farm by Stella Gibbons"
>>  Haven't read the book, but forced the movie down the unwilling
> gullets of my friends and boyfriend - they loved it.  They always look so
> suspicious when I try to persuade them into new experiences of this sort.
> Why? Why?

        Hee hee!

>Anyway, now we all go around saying "I saw something Nasty in the
> woodshed" and "Nothing like a moppet for the clettering."

        There's ALWAYS been Starkadders at Cold Comfort Farm!  I love that 
movie, and I thought they did a great job keeping close to the book.

>   O to be Emma Peel in the springtime, or any time.  Or even Leila
> with the silver minidress from Dr. Who.  What wardrobe is really complete
> without a leather catsuit?

        I know I know!  ( I've grown out of all my fun clothes now though (:  
It's so demoralizing.  However, Emma is growing like a weed and already fits 
into some of them.  She'll be all set for the next retro craze!  I have these 
nifty black velvet pants that I sometimes consider dieting for, but I can't 
be bothered--a sure sign of armageddon  :o    )

>   I haven't thought about the Specials or Cabaret Voltaire in The
> Longest Time!   Shriekback's Oil and Gold is one of mine and the BF's
> standby cds though.  Favorite line: "He's on a mission from god but he don't
> know whose and he don't know why." But there are so many fun lyrics on that.
        My favorite is "My Spine is the Bassline"  but SOMEBODY stole my 45.
I was talking to my friend the other day trying to figure out what was so 
appealing about the Specials (Fun Boy 3 / Colourfield) and Ian Dury and Elvis 
Costello and all those guys, (oh, Squeeze too) and we figured it was because 
they all sing story songs (XTC is another band that comes to mind.)  Well, 
that and they're just plain fun to dance to!  I found a site the other day 
called Net Radio where you can listen to music by category as you surf, no 
interruptions but for the odd ad for CDPoint.  I go there when I'm feeling 
homesick for England:

It's a ton of stuff: opera, ska, country and western, comedy, 1980's, 1940's 
stuff.  All on different channels.  Worth a visit.  The new wave channel 
plays blocks of alternating US / UK stuff, even Cabaret Voltaire.  But no 
Shriekback that I've heard yet. :(  Never mind!  I can just go listen to it 
on vinyl!  <gets out of rocking chair and creaks across to the stove for a 
glass of warm milk before firing up that turntable>

> Drunk with the power of broadcasting the music of my choice
> out to, say, 10 or 15 square miles of rural mid-Ohio.  10 or 15 square miles
> of die hard classic rock and country fans, but I never let the odds
> interfere with my noble destiny.

        <rolling on the floor laughing myself sick!>
        The first year I did the show with a friend, and we'd come in at 
midnight on Saturday night, merge both our two-hour time slots, which took us 
to 4 am, then stay on until 6 am because no one wanted the 4-6.  It was so 
fun.  I am particularly proud of our crowning achievement of the guy who 
stayed up all night to listen and then called to tell us that 'now he could 
go to bed.'  The other (weird) moment was when my friend went to Amsterdam 
and bumped into someone who used to listen when they were in our area.  That 
was kind of strange.  But I believe they may be our only two confirmed 
listeners!  (oh, I forgot about the guy who killed himself because we played 
"Amplifier" by the dB's)

Nat wrote:

>"Priests and cannibals, prehistoric animals, everybody happy 'til the dead
>come home
>Big black nemesis, parthanogenesis, no-one move a muscle while the dead come
>Do you have their "Go Bang?" I'm fond of the title song - almost have it
            yesyesyes!  saw them at UMass ever and ever so long ago, and they 
were gooood!  the only people who could get away with putting parthenogenesis 
in a song!!!  (still don't know what it means though,  keep meaning to look 
it up)

Elise wrote:
    Guilty Confessions
>Prairie Home Companion....and Car Talk.

        Hee hee again!

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