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Wed Dec 15 01:09:59 EST 1999

In a message dated 12/14/99 3:02:40 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
hedberg at vermontel.net writes:

>Sorry for posting to the whole list.
>Max: please put me in your unblock list, as I want to send you the survey
>question et al
>Nat Case
>Hedberg Maps, Inc.

        A done deal, Nat!   Actually I'm doing my best to add everyone to it, 
pasting the addresses from the header as each posting comes in.  (ah the joys 
of technology, but it's hard to keep up!)  If y'all want to be in it just 
send a stamped addressed regular posting to the list sharing your thoughts on 
DWJ!  <evil laugh for all those shy lurkers--we know you're out there!>

Max xxx

>>Oh, shoot!  I forgot!  @#$%^ junk e-mail!  I forgot I blocked everything 
>>except people in my address book because of offensive junk e-mails.  I 
>>dare unblock because I was getting really indundated.  What I will do is 
>>you in my address book as an individual, and anyone else, too, on the list. 
>>I think I can get people's addresses from the headers, as postings come in? 
>>Anyway, I'll have a shot.
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