Newbie with Skiver's Guide

deborah deborah at
Tue Dec 14 18:32:37 EST 1999

On Tue, 14 Dec 1999, Bodil Gram wrote:
|It is a very slim paperback which should not be impossible to copy and send
|to a few people - and for that very same reason I am certain you will want
|to buy your own very cheap copy if it ever gets re-printed, making sure DWJ
|gets Hers. ;-)

One idea is to scan the book in, and put it in a
password-protected place on line.  We could even ask dwj for her
permission, since the book is very very out of print.  My
suspicion, however, is that she isn't allowed to make such a
decision--and that the publishers, who probably are, will say


Welcome, Bodil, and I promise I'll update the archives soon. have
I seen you on child_lit?

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