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Tue Dec 14 18:17:04 EST 1999

> > I haven't thought about the Specials or Cabaret Voltaire in The
> >Longest Time!   Shriekback's Oil and Gold is one of mine and the BF's
> >standby cds though.  Favorite line: "He's on a mission from god but he
> don't
> >know whose and he don't know why." But there are so many fun lyrics on
> that.
> "Priests and cannibals, prehistoric animals, everybody happy 'til the dead
> come home
> Big black nemesis, parthanogenesis, no-one move a muscle while the dead
> come
> home"
> Do you have their "Go Bang?" I'm fond of the title song - almost have it
> learnt.
How excellent!  If you can learn those words, no feat of memorization could
be barred to you.  And the one you are quoting, is it Nemesis or Big Black
Nemesis? - oh, it's just classic, a great song.  But how can I mention that
without citing to Everything That Rises Must Converge or Hammerheads?  I'm
going to have to listen to it tonight.  Any band that would name a song
Coelecanth was a band for me, I always knew.  

> > "Was a DJ on the college radio station, and had a show called 'Plan
> >9!' after the movie 'Plan 9 From Outer Space.'"
> >
> > Me too!  Drunk with the power of broadcasting the music of my choice
> >out to, say, 10 or 15 square miles of rural mid-Ohio.  10 or 15 square
> miles
> >of die hard classic rock and country fans, but I never let the odds
> >interfere with my noble destiny. 
> Oh Lord, another one. I've even been thinking about trying to get involved
> with KFAI in Minneapolis when I get back there. I've been having way too
> much fun making mix tapes the last few months.
	imo - I think you should - especially knowing how fun it was!
Someday I'll do it again.  My friend's dad is about 70 now and has been a
jazz aficionado since his teens - now he has a radio show at the local
college - full circle since his undergrad d.j. days and loving it. 

	"God save hammerheads, bold and resolute
	Not too clever, but sure about some things.
	Yes! Yes! Hammerheads, bright and dangerous - 
	marching, balancing and in too far to go back."
	-Shriekback o' course

P.s. I just can't keep up with all the interesting reply-worthy things
everyone is saying....
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