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Nat Case hedberg at
Tue Dec 14 17:14:56 EST 1999

As a publisher, I'm afraid I must protest. One at a time and on a personal
basis is like driving over the speed limit: strictly speaking against the
law, but not really enforceable, and any decent publisher will look the
other way. I think for purposes of distribution of some size, whoever will
do the reproduction should contact the publisher and guarantee that they and
Diana get their appropriate fees.

I've actually been thinking about something similar for CHANGEOVER (I have a
photocopy from an interlibrary loan, which for personal use is in fact
legal), and am interested in organizing a limited SKIVER'S GUIDE reprint.

Nat Case
Hedberg Maps, Inc.

>> I get the impression there are quite a number of list members 
>> in the US and
>> Down Under. If many of you people want a copy, my bank might 
>> end up hating
>> me, and to avoid that, we may possibly need to organise local 
>> centres of
>> distribution in those countries, just like the Americans did 
>> with the tapes
>> of Archer's Goon some months ago.
>> It is a very slim paperback which should not be impossible to 
>> copy and send
>> to a few people - and for that very same reason I am certain 
>> you will want
>> to buy your own very cheap copy if it ever gets re-printed, 
>> making sure DWJ
>> gets Hers. ;-)
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