Newbie with Skiver's Guide

PREISIG, Kylie Kylie.Preisig at
Tue Dec 14 17:04:10 EST 1999

That would be just marvelous!!!

I'd volunteer to be a local distribution point for Australia, but I will
shortly be finishing up work here and be on holidays for a month with only
patchy internet access, and no access to a photocopier.  So someone else may
be a better choice...


> Anyway, back to The Skiver's Guide: Philip just asked for a 
> copy of it, and
> I had already previously noticed that it seemed to be the 
> most frequenly
> desired book in the archives.
> I am a firm believer in letting an author get Her dues, so if 
> the book is
> in print anywhere, please forget about the dastardly and 
> wicked proposal I
> am about to make now: offering to send photocopies free of any charge.
> I get the impression there are quite a number of list members 
> in the US and
> Down Under. If many of you people want a copy, my bank might 
> end up hating
> me, and to avoid that, we may possibly need to organise local 
> centres of
> distribution in those countries, just like the Americans did 
> with the tapes
> of Archer's Goon some months ago.
> It is a very slim paperback which should not be impossible to 
> copy and send
> to a few people - and for that very same reason I am certain 
> you will want
> to buy your own very cheap copy if it ever gets re-printed, 
> making sure DWJ
> gets Hers. ;-)
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