Nat Case hedberg at
Tue Dec 14 16:31:49 EST 1999

> I haven't thought about the Specials or Cabaret Voltaire in The
>Longest Time!   Shriekback's Oil and Gold is one of mine and the BF's
>standby cds though.  Favorite line: "He's on a mission from god but he don't
>know whose and he don't know why." But there are so many fun lyrics on that.

"Priests and cannibals, prehistoric animals, everybody happy 'til the dead
come home
Big black nemesis, parthanogenesis, no-one move a muscle while the dead come

Do you have their "Go Bang?" I'm fond of the title song - almost have it

> "Was a DJ on the college radio station, and had a show called 'Plan
>9!' after the movie 'Plan 9 From Outer Space.'"
> Me too!  Drunk with the power of broadcasting the music of my choice
>out to, say, 10 or 15 square miles of rural mid-Ohio.  10 or 15 square miles
>of die hard classic rock and country fans, but I never let the odds
>interfere with my noble destiny. 

Oh Lord, another one. I've even been thinking about trying to get involved
with KFAI in Minneapolis when I get back there. I've been having way too
much fun making mix tapes the last few months.

On highbrow and lowbrow: for a bracing if not downright difficult addressing
of this, read The Designated Mourner, a play by Wallace Shawn. Better yet,
wait for the video, due out in February. 

On trashy romances: two of my favorite books have male characters who are
embarassed readers of the genre: Sorry Carlisle in Margaret Mahy's THE
CHANGEOVER reads them to educate his alienated self. And there's a teacher
in Kenneth Lillington's JOSEPHINE who has a passion for the things, which
Josephine discovers and does the only sensible thing: get him to write some!
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