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Tue Dec 14 15:59:07 EST 1999

Max introduced herself:
	"Met my husband here, back in 1986, but after 
> school (armed with lucrative English degrees)"
	Heh, heh aheh stop! lol.

	"Also love..."Cold Comfort Farm by Stella Gibbons"

	Haven't read the book, but forced the movie down the unwilling
gullets of my friends and boyfriend - they loved it.  They always look so
suspicious when I try to persuade them into new experiences of this sort.
Why? Why?  Anyway, now we all go around saying "I saw something Nasty in the
woodshed" and "Nothing like a moppet for the clettering."  By the rays of
the fiery orb, I wouldn't mind owning that movie.

	"Like old movies, cult tv like Doctor Who, The Prisoner, The Man
>From Uncle, and The Avengers."

	O to be Emma Peel in the springtime, or any time.  Or even Leila
with the silver minidress from Dr. Who.  What wardrobe is really complete
without a leather catsuit?

	"Wish I could sing like Ella Fitzgerald."

	Wish I could write lyrics like Cole Porter!

> Like all sorts of music; everything from Marc Bolan and David Bowie, to
> the 
> Specials and Ian Dury, to Cabaret Voltaire and Shriekback...."
	I haven't thought about the Specials or Cabaret Voltaire in The
Longest Time!   Shriekback's Oil and Gold is one of mine and the BF's
standby cds though.  Favorite line: "He's on a mission from god but he don't
know whose and he don't know why." But there are so many fun lyrics on that.

	"Was a DJ on the college radio station, and had a show called 'Plan
9!' after the movie 'Plan 9 From Outer Space.'"

	Me too!  Drunk with the power of broadcasting the music of my choice
out to, say, 10 or 15 square miles of rural mid-Ohio.  10 or 15 square miles
of die hard classic rock and country fans, but I never let the odds
interfere with my noble destiny. 

	Guilty Confessions
	To comment on another thread, no monster truck rallies here.  A
person has to draw the line somewhere!  NPR news and educational toys all
the way. I like Whaddya Know and Prairie Home Companion too (radio
variety/quiz shows) and Car Talk. But I share a house with roommates and so
we have cable.  Sometimes I get sucked in.  The other night I literally had
to hold my hand in front of my face to break the hypnotic effect of the
tube.  Mainly I go to my own room to read and web surf.

	But I *did* watch The Real World for a while when it first started
and also was part of a group of women who all got together on Mondays to
socialize and watch -gasp- Melrose Place.  Do passing fancies count?

	Read many trashy books, but nothing I'm devoted to.

	I guess I draw a distinction between adventures and preference.  I
don't mind going along to have a look-see at almost anything and I have,
from karaoke to one of those country music line dance places.  I've had lots
of individually interesting adventures but really I only liked them because
it was a one time experience.  But what I actually seek out is a whole other

	Also, it seems that over time one rules out the irrelevent and
cultivates the preferences - so I do more seeking what I like and less
agreeing to go do something that I would never do of my own volition.  Plus,
my tastes have changed since my somewhat wilder earlier years of this decade
(heh heh), so I could only count things like mosh pits and so on as things
that used to be interesting, but no longer.


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