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>random acts of pottery.


>>(different post)«The darkest thing of hers (Taneth Lee) I actually, 
>>like is probably _Companions on the Road_.»
>... reputed to inspired by Avon and Villa from Blake 7...

        Oooh , I forgot about Blake's 7--you can add that to my tv favorites 
list.  Is 'Companions on the Road' really inspired by it?  Cool. <adding book 
to must read pile which topples and falls over narrowly missing the year-old 
stack of unfiled paperwork>

>To Max; That the same Jilly Cooper who wrote "Class" (non-fiction book on 
>contemporary British class system--funny as all get-out)?

        That's the one!  She's hilarious--lots of puns and cheekiness!   Very 
human characters.  Did I mention I'm a sucker for romance?  I've only read 
her 'name' books, I missed the longer ones because that's when I moved here, 
and I haven't seen any of her books here (except one for children to my 
surprise, called "Little Mabel's Great Escape."  Ironically, in the same 
store I came across another children's book by Prince Charles called 
something like "The Earl of Lochnagar".  I don't really get many children's 
books in that store though...)

Bye for now!
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