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>I liked, but did not love, both "Guards Guards" and "Soul Music". Barely 
>remember them now at all.

        Did you ever read "Good Omens" that he wrote with Neil Gaiman?  You 
might like that...?  My favorite Pratchett characters (or at least the two 
that really stick in my mind) are Death, and Gaspode the Wonder Dog.  I loved 
the idea of Death needing a vacation.

>he WAS 
>there, and he was HILARIOUS. Funnier in person than his books are, even, 
>because there's something self-effacing about him that is very endearing in 
>combination with the non-stop wit.

        Oh, I'm so glad to hear this.  I always dread that writers, 
musicians, actors, will turn out to be obnoxious.  It's one of the reasons I 
seldom if ever think 'I'd like to meet so and so.'  It would be too horrible 
if they turned out to be a pain, and I couldn't really look at their work the 
same way again.  Plus I'd feel awkward and uncomfortable because there'd be 
this false sense of intimacy: on the one hand you'd feel like you know them 
because there's this surface sense of familiarity, but on the other, 
underneath there'd be this powerful feeling that this person is a complete 
stranger and you really don't know them at all.  Too murky for me, and I 
don't do murk very well.

>This was the cat, of 
>course. By now she is no longer as terrified of the dog, but my boyfriend 
>lives in terror that she will beat chew and scratch up the dog. And rightly 

        True.  When Emma's kitten (Lilly) first met our dog (Sophie), she ran 
up the curtains and sat on the rod and wouldn't come down.  Now, however, she 
hides under tablecloths biding her time, and when Sophie walks past on her 
way to a comfortable nap, or maybe a pleasant chew on her bone, Lilly leaps 
out at her in the physical equivalent of "AHA!" and Sophie has a heart 
attack.  She is not the same dog she used to be, despite the fact that she is 
vocally territorial when it comes to other dogs, and she's about five times 
taller than Lilly.  There's always a very distinct impression afterwards of 
Lilly buffing her claws on her sleeve.  She's absolutely in love with my 
husband's cat Fyo who is a sort of James Bond cat.  (Sean Connery of course)  
He even looks like he's wearing a tux.  He's always on his guard against the 
scheming orange cat next door who wants to--dare I say it?--rule the world.
        I like dogs in the particular (specific dogs I've met) but I love all 
cats, their personalities, their sense of humor, their loyalty, their 
independence, and the way they get embarassed if they don't quite make a jump 
they were trying for.  Cats are cool!

Max (cat person)
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