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<<  Wow!  I wish I could live that unclutteredly- >>

You are being ironic I assume? Uncluttered it ain't...
(what between the books and the computer widgets and the random acts of 

(different post)«The darkest thing of hers (Taneth Lee) I actually, actively 
like is probably _Companions on the Road_.»

... reputed to inspired by Avon and Villa from Blake 7...

And it is sometimes surprizing to realize how many Georgette Heyer fans are 
men. Doubt many of the current romance writers could say that. Although some 
of the men who read Heyer seem to occasionally read other Regencies. There 
are a number of current writers who turn out consistently good stories, but 
few who have the touch for comedy of manners that Heyer did. Nowadays it 
looks like the last refuge of that seems to be murder mysteries.

To Max; That the same Jilly Cooper who wrote "Class" (non-fiction book on the 
contemporary British class system--funny as all get-out)?

Off-topic note;
Dead Can Dance fans might also like a group called The Reptile Palace 
Orchestra. Some of the same sort of sources, but IMHO, a bit more wit.
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