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McMullin, Elise emcmullin at
Tue Dec 14 10:33:31 EST 1999

> On Mon, 13 Dec 1999, jenwa wrote:
> > alternate occupation: (The Angle of) Death
	"The Angle of Death!
> Mild-mannered geometry teacher by day, unstoppable assassin by night!
> No?
> Oh, all right, then."
	Don't forget - Keeper of the Hidden Theorem, also known as the Proof
of Doom.  The great math-phobic masses remain blissfully unaware of the
depraved, writhing, non-Euclidian chthonic chaos which would inundate the
world like seething viscous acid but for the adamant will of one lone
figure, steadfastly holding back unimaginably nightmarish forces and
allowing us to tuck up safe and placid in our beds at night.

	Um, this always happens when I drink strong coffee.  Pay no
attention to the goofball behind the curtain.

> > note: does anyone else find they pick of the speech patterns of the
> > books they read?
	Oh definitely.  Shakespeare is the worst in its effect.  It takes
ages after to tone the metaphors and conceits down to a reasonable level and
I write *such* bad poetry in its wake.  It's one of the very reasons I've
taken up with haiku and short modern-ish poems of late.  Otherwise, I too
have always wanted to say, "Lud! But it don't signify in the least."  Or
"Capital!"  And I do occasionally say "ye gods" and "gah!"  thanks to
Charmed Life.

	Say on, gentles.
	(uh -ah! It's starting already!)


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