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Gili, on the subject of storage:

> Do you have them all in double rows yet? Shelves in the kitchen and
> bathroom? I recently aquired two new bookcases, so the problem has been
> temporarily relieved. But I don't know what will happen if my mother ever
> insists that I clear out all my books from my old room in Jerusalem, or for
> that matter, adding in my boyfriend's books when we move in together soon...
> (his primary reading language is Hebrew, so we don't have that many doubles,
> either...)

Well, let's see.  My fiction collection resides almost entirely in my bedroom:
two large bookcases, about 170% utilised (i.e. about 2/3 the shelf length is two
books deep), and a large box, and several piles (including three on top of the
box).  Two more bedrooms (fortunately I live alone!) contain most of my computer

Several bookcases in the dining room contain computer manuals, electronic data
books, and my filing system for loose documents.

The bookcase in the bathroom, and much of the one on the landing, contain books
I read when on the loo - cartoons mostly, some reference books (open at a random
page and read an article!) and my spare copy of the Tough Guide.

The bookcase in the front room is all music, including most of my hymn book
collection (currently 30 or 35 books, but they're all quite big!).  More boxes
in my bedroom contain more computer books, books on engineering, mapmaking, etc.

But I will admit that storing books is easy compared with storing computers...

> Courtney and Philip:
>>The Princess and the Goblin is (I think) by George MacDonald.  The sequel
>>called "The Princess and Curdie".
> Right on both calls. I very recently brought up both books, and mentioned
> liking the first more than the second, which scared me, because it was

Oh, that was you was it?  I did see it, but it slipped my mind.  Come to think
of it, I'm sure I wouldn't have remembered MacDonald's name if you hadn't
mentioned it first.  Apologies for not acknowledging my debt :-)

> Philip again:
>>Gosh!  That would be like me coming out and admitting I've never read a
>>Terry Pratchett novel!
> I liked, but did not love, both "Guards Guards" and "Soul Music". Barely
> remember them now at all.

My brother discovered Pratchett as a teenager, and retold the stories over the
dinner table.  Enough to put anyone off IMHO.


PS it occurs to me I probably post too much.  Feel free to tell me if this is
the case.  Yes, really!

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