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>name: jenwa hsung
>occupation: student, MIT, senior, thesis-writer, GRE-taker, MIT Science 
>   Society President and Skinner, procrastinator, aspiring geologist and
>   suppressed historian [or, in the words of a friend of mine, modern day
>   geologist and female samurai], buyer of field camping goods, singer
>   (classical, choral, and otherwise), former pianist (casualty of college),
>   occasional square-dancer, UNIX-user, twinkie
>alternate occupation: (The Angle of) Death
>alternate alternate occupation: big sister to the masses (or at least a 
>   of specially-selected individuals), marathon scritcher,
>   conversationalist, sporadic corresponder with many people from that
>   place i at least occasionally think of as home, Minnesota
>true occupation: used (and new, unfortunately) book fiend, adorer of museums,
>   music-art-film-theatre-anime-nature-absurdity-serenity-paradox
>   appreciator, game player of many kinds, story lover
        Nifty!  Like the naming of heroic gifts!  What's a 'marathon 
scritcher' though?

>if any of the new people are in the States and want to join the list of 
>Who Want To See Archer's Goon, a videotape of the British tv series that is
>slowly making it's way around the country, just drop me an email.
        Oooh!  Is this still available?  I didn't sign up before, and then I 
thought it was too late, and then I forgot...

>note: does anyone else find they pick of the speech patterns of the books 
>read?  i've been wandering around wanting to say "it doesn't signify" and 
>such phrases for the last several months.

        Yes!  I had to bite my tongue though on "Swords or pistols? Choose 
your weapon and choose it quickly!" in case people thought I was unbalanced.

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